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Testers Cannot Be Perfect Proxies for End Users

The following is a snippet of a Skype conversation I was a part of recently. I wanted to share it, since I think it’s a perfect example of a perennial tester conversation. See if you recognize yourself in it. The participants’ names have been removed in the interest of privacy. Other minor changes were made for the sake of clarity.

[11:25:37 AM] Dev Mgr: Programmer– i really need you to look into that “flash wont resize without a reload” fact
[11:25:42 AM] Dev Mgr: its not being believed [by the CEO]
[11:25:50 AM] Dev Mgr: and quite honestly
[11:26:02 AM] Dev Mgr: i went to some other pages that clearly have graphs on them
[11:26:07 AM] Dev Mgr: that dont need to be reloaded
[11:26:29 AM] Dev Mgr: when they get resized
[11:26:29 AM] Programmer: i’ll read fusionchart docs
[11:26:32 AM] Dev Mgr: thats
[11:26:33 AM] Dev Mgr: thanks
[11:26:40 AM] Dev Mgr: also Tester 1/Tester 2
[11:26:49 AM] Dev Mgr: i’m not really sure how that was not part of a QA
[11:27:08 AM] Dev Mgr: when you are looking for UI stuff before a release
[11:27:16 AM] Dev Mgr: not everyone has a big ass monitor
[11:27:25 AM] Dev Mgr: please add qa on your laptop screen to the test
[11:27:49 AM] Dev Mgr: this is not a successful launch
[11:28:18 AM] Tester 1: I agree that it should be added as a regular part of our tests–NOW that we know it’s importantl.
[11:28:34 AM] Tester 1: There are any number of things that one could complain about with these pages.
[11:28:59 AM] Tester 1: I strongly suspect that, had Tester 2 or I complained about this to Programmer prior to the launch we would have been seen as horrible nit pickers.
[11:29:16 AM] Dev Mgr: What??????????????
[11:29:26 AM] Tester 1: “Why are you complaining about something so trivial when we’re trying to get this out?”
[11:29:28 AM] Dev Mgr: how can the UI not be improtant
[11:29:34 AM] Tester 1: I’m not saying it’s not.
[11:29:43 AM] Tester 1: I’m saying that there are MANY things that one could pick to complain about.
[11:29:49 AM] Tester 1: The colors are one.
[11:29:58 AM] Tester 1: The fact that many of the graphs don’t have proper labels is another.
[11:30:22 AM] Tester 1: I could come up with more.
[11:31:19 AM] Tester 1: Unfortunately, prior to today, we weren’t aware that resizing would be the important thing.
[11:32:46 AM] Programmer: i agree with Tester 1, on a scale of 1 to 10, resizing is low on the totem pole since there is an almost obvious solution vs. the colors
[11:33:09 AM] Dev Mgr: i strongly disagree
[11:34:38 AM] Tester 1: Dev Mgr, could you have predicted that CEO would be up-in-arms about resizing?
[11:34:53 AM] Tester 2: This was my responsibility, and I will take the hit for it, that’s fine. That being said, however, considering that there were over a dozen pieces to this [specification], and we, as a team, fixed things that were given to us incorrectly in the 1040 from CEO, I would consider this issue is not the barometer or whether or not this was a successful launch.
[11:34:53 AM] Dev Mgr: this isn’t about CEO
[11:35:02 AM] Dev Mgr: i went to BBW on my laptop
[11:35:06 AM] Dev Mgr: and i had to resize it
[11:35:11 AM] Dev Mgr: and it happened to me
[11:36:19 AM] Tester 1: No doubt. But the fact that it happened is distinct from whether or not it is an important enough issue to have said “Let’s hold off on release until this is resolved.”
[11:36:37 AM] Dev Mgr: i would not have released that
[11:36:51 AM] Dev Mgr: USER EXPERIENCE
[11:36:55 AM] Tester 1: I’m very glad that I, Tester 2, and Programmer now know this.
[11:37:05 AM] Dev Mgr: this makes us look bad
[11:37:07 AM] Dev Mgr: to others
[11:37:10 AM] Dev Mgr: its a window into us
[11:37:20 AM] Dev Mgr: people/ clients see this page
[11:37:21 AM] Dev Mgr: we’re a tech company
[11:37:28 AM] Dev Mgr: and we can’t get our allignment right?
[11:38:49 AM] Dev Mgr: you didn’t see it and decide whether or not to push it
[11:38:55 AM] Dev Mgr: you said you never tested for it
[11:39:07 AM] Dev Mgr: did you test in IE?
[11:39:26 AM] Tester 2: yes, but did not resize window from full laptop view
[11:39:37 AM] Tester 1: What I said was that I believe that, HAD we tested it, Programmer, Tester 2, and I would’ve all concluded that it wasn’t a big enough issue to stop the launch.
[11:39:59 AM] Dev Mgr: then we have a bigger issue to discuss separately
[11:40:14 AM] Dev Mgr: image is everything
[11:40:19 AM] Dev Mgr: we are part of a public company
[11:40:25 AM] Dev Mgr: this is not an internal tool
[11:40:37 AM] Dev Mgr: our visual output
[11:40:49 AM] Dev Mgr: is more important to some than the guts that go into it
[11:41:52 AM] Tester 1: I wonder if perhaps the deeper lesson learned here is that sometimes we *need* to get buy-in from CEO prior to going live with stuff.
[11:42:18 AM] Dev Mgr: this isnt’ about CEO
[11:42:29 AM] Dev Mgr: other than it sucks that he found it first
[11:42:54 AM] Tester 1: But many other people aside from CEO saw it and didn’t say anything about it being important.
[11:42:56 AM] Dev Mgr: if you have a question about a UI that you can decide you can use me as a gauge
[11:43:18 AM] Tester 1: My fundamental issue is that it’s very hard for us to be certain that we are truly aware of all the important things.
[11:43:20 AM] Dev Mgr: Tester 1…you all say this wasn’t tested
[11:43:25 AM] Dev Mgr: so that’s all that matters
[11:43:38 AM] Dev Mgr: not if you had what you would have done
[11:43:45 AM] Tester 1: Had we tested it and decided it wasn’t important we’d be in the same boat.
[11:44:07 AM] Tester 1: The fact that we didn’t test it probably means that if we had we wouldn’t have concluded it needed to be fixed prior to launch.
[11:44:49 AM] Tester 1: I’m trying to get at the deeper point:
[11:44:58 AM] Tester 1: We won’t always know what is important to the end users.
[11:49:26 AM] Dev Mgr: well if you dont think that this opens up some eyes to what needs to be accpetable to users than i will now have to approve everything with a UI component
[11:49:55 AM] Dev Mgr: and that is not the right answer…might i add
[11:53:17 AM] Tester 1: The best answer I can give you at this point: We have learned as a result of this. Our testing in the future will be better. Unfortunately we aren’t omniscient, and don’t have unlimited amounts of time, so I fear we will make other mistakes, which we will also learn from.